Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
Suggestion: Buy only from Authorized Dealers    Think: Local Service/No Duty/No Shipping/No Money Transfer/No Hassle

suggestion: Only buy from Authorized Dealers

Counterfeit Board imageNowadays a lot of consumers are getting the raw end of the deal. Manufacturers are having problems fighting against counterfeits. These are products that look very similar to the real thing but have inferior electronics inside. Minelab and Fisher are the most renowned metal detector brands out there, so of course they would eventually get targeted by counterfeiters. A lot of the counterfeits are sold via websites with the company claiming to be an authorized distributor.

Check this out! How we are training Thais on the anti-counterfeit campaign.
The only authorized distributor of Fisher and Minelab products in Thailand is (as English site

A lot of the other retailers out there in Thailand require a large deposit up front for equipment they will eventually order and have imported in one detector at a time. thaimetaldetecting on the other hand attempts to carry stock on hand of the popular detectors so in most cases no deposit is necessary.

Be safe before you buy, check the manufacturers web site for Authorized Thailand Distributors of Fisher and Minelab products: Minelab Dealer for Thailand and Fisher Dealers in Asia

These sites will give you assurance that is an authorized distributor.

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Counterfeit Fisher Product Warning
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