Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Product Price List

Product Pricing and Stock Status. Please contact to double check stock status as this is not real time.

Stock Status Up to Date as of 11-October-2016 / Note: we are on extended vacation until 15-December-2016
Make Model Price Status
Fisher F5 24,000 Baht Order
Fisher F19 42,000 Baht Order
Fisher F44 19,000 Baht Order
Fisher F75 49,000 Baht Order
Fisher 1280-x 39,000 Baht Order
Fisher CZ-21 59,000 Baht Order
Fisher Gold Bug 2 6.5″ coil 37,000 Baht Order
Fisher Gold Bug 2 10″ coil 39,000 Baht Order
Minelab XTERRA 705 Goldpack 35,000 Baht Order
Minelab Excalibur II 10″ 62,000 Baht Order
Minelab Eureka Gold 42,000 Baht Order
Minelab GPX-5000 220,000 Baht Order
thaimetaldetecting Sand Scoop 1 PC with Handle 2,200 Baht In Stock
thaimetaldetecting Sand Scoop 3 PC 2,600 Baht In Stock

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