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Night Owl iGen 20/20 Day/Night Monocular (3x)

This is a review of the Night Owl iGen 20/20 Day/Night Monocular. It is a pretty cool piece of gear for a number of reasons, primarily because the Monocular is considered Generation 1+. By designating it ‘1+’ as opposed to ‘1’ Night Owl claims the Monocular is comparable to Generation 2 or 3. They do not claim that for any other of their Monocular or Binoculars, this is the only model.

I did find the Monocular to be very nice, for a few reasons; namely very powerful infa red cabablities, ability to take pictures or video, ability to alter the exposure frames per second, and mostly the ability to adjust the gain. If you are running in non IR mode and want to brighten the image you simply up the gain.

In any event I talk through the various buttons and how to use the Monocular in the first part of the video. In the second part I narrate the scene of the recorded images from the night. One of the problems in doing the video is that the output from the Monocular is not HD, and in fact is low resolution. Since HD video normally looks nicer on youtube, I decided to show the night view as a small window during the narration phase, but there is a link in case you would like to view it full screen in low res mode.

One of the things about the Generation curve with respect to Night Vision Monoculars is the prices go up exponentially. Whereas Generation 1 Monoculars sell in the hundreds of dollars, Generation two are already in the thousands, therefore getting something that is Generation ‘comparable’ for the same price as the Generation it compares to is a big advantage.

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