Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
Suggestion: Buy only from Authorized Dealers    Think: Local Service/No Duty/No Shipping/No Money Transfer/No Hassle

Minelab Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Anti Counterfeit ExplanationSome interesting developments, there were actually reports of some counterfeit machines showing up in Thailand. In the following short video, one of the local minelab users describes a counterfeit GPX-5000 machine as being a dead ringer for the original. Of course the machine did not work properly and so instead of spending the normal amount on a machine and getting something that works, someone was left holding the bag for a wasted 50,000 baht. We then show the anti-counterfeit brochure and how to verify a machine is legitimate, how to examine the label with the security viewer as the first step. Then how to send a telephone SMS with the serial number as a third level verification.


Simply put the best starting point for a customer is to contact a authorized dealer in the country they wish to make the purchase in. Information on how to know if you are communicating with an authorized dealer is contained in the post How to Find an Authorized Dealer.


Anti Counterfeit ExplanationOnce you know that you are dealing with an authorized dealer they can then assist you in further determining a machines authenticity by using the security viewer in the ‘anti-counterfeit’ brochure and advising of SMS authentication or internet authentication available to authorized dealers. Click through to see the entire image of the Anti-Counterfeit brochure.


The original Thai video showing the impromptu seminar is here:


The original minelab anti-counterfeit video is here:

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