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Gold Rush Thailand

Apr 20, 2010 –
Gold mining surveys were put on hold following a complaint by the Human Rights Commission in December 2007 concerning their effects on the environment. The cabinet at that time ordered the policy to be revised to take into account impact on the environment and people’s health. This revision has now been completed – paving the way for gold prospectors in Thailand.




Our guide to gold panning in four easy steps:

  1. Find a stream or some other type of running water where you can see some gold mixed with sand and silt.
  2. Take some of the sediment from the bottom of the stream and scoop it into the pan with some water.
  3. Swirl the sediment and water in a gentle circular motion around the bottom of the pan. At the same time tilt the pan so some of the water and sediment spill out. When most of the sediment has fallen out you’ll see your gold nuggets at the bottom of the pan.

  4. Go down to the bank with your gold and exchange for cash!

Before you reach for your gold pan and start swirling you will need to obtain a permit from the Thai government for your prospecting and you’ll also have to pay a percentage of your earnings into a fund established by the Thai government to look after the environment. That said gold is currently riding high at 1,135 USD per oz so all the effort could be worth it.

NOTE: A portion of a press release. There was and is a ‘gold rush’ going on in Thailand and this article points to the involvement of the government as far as legality goes.

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