Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
Suggestion: Buy only from Authorized Dealers    Think: Local Service/No Duty/No Shipping/No Money Transfer/No Hassle

Fisher Counterfeits

Counterfeits hit Fisher imageCounterfeits have been a problem with Minelab for a while, now it has also hit fisher. Counterfeiters follow successful products and as Minelab and Fisher are number 1 and 2 ranking for the best metal detectors in the world, naturally there would eventually be counterfeits. On the fisher web site they give a list of known sites which sell the fakes, but it is not all inclusive. The only way to protect yourself is to only buy from a Fisher distributor when buying Fisher product (likewise with Minelab).

Check the manufactures web site for real distributors Minelab Dealer for Thailand and Fisher Dealers in Asia

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