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Minelab X-TERRA 705 Goldpack

XTERRA-705 Metal Detector imgMinelab’s X-TERRA 705 metal detector was selected because of its ability to hunt small natural gold and be a relic detector also. We were impressed initially in the X-TERRA’s ability to detect small gold. Very much like a dedicated gold detector. The Goldpack includes the 18.75kHz Double D coil which delivers optimal performance detecting fine gold.

X-Terra 705 Control Box imageBy switching between the two modes to the normal hunting mode the detector becomes a full functioning relic machine. It also has many features such as automatic or manual ground balancing, noise cancel to reduce interference and two pinpoint modes; auto and sizing. The sizing mode is intented to give valuable information on shape and size of target before digging.


  • Minelab’s proprietary “True Digital” VFLEX technology, the new class of single frequency detectors allowing you to change the frequency simply by changing coils.
  • Standard 18.75kHz Double-D elliptical coil provides effective depth and ground coverage, plus the coil’s high frequency is extremely sensitive and perfectly suited for finding small pieces of gold.
  • Compatible with low, mid and high frequency waterproof coils – all 7 X-TERRA accessory coils can be used with the X-TERRA 705.
  • Automatic/Manual Ground Balancing, Tracking and now with Tracking Ground Balance Offset adjustment. This creates a performance advantage in certain areas such as wet/dry sand transition and hot rock locations, by setting the balance slightly positive or negative.
  • True automatic Ground Balance eliminates false ground noises so you can hear elusive small gold signals.
  • Four preset detecting patterns that can also be customised plus All-Metal mode.
  • Adjustable Iron Mask – designed for Prospecting Mode. This feature allows you to find desirable targets lying close to ferrous metals.
  • Effective noise cancel reduces interference.
  • Threshold tone for more accurate target ID interpretation.
  • Two Pinpoint Modes: Auto and Sizing. With the new Sizing feature, the user gets valuable information on target characteristics including shape and size with variable tone and graphical indicator.
  • Target ID stability – precise, solid responsiveness in high-trash areas enabling you to efficiently and effectively search sites with a high concentration of junk.
  • Also a great coin detector with highly accurate discrimination and numeric target identification.
  • Positive transflective LCD display providing a back light only in dim light conditions enabling better screen visibility in poor lighting whilst saving battery charge in well lit conditions.
  • Depth indicators, update continuously, even in Pinpoint mode.
  • Runs on just 4 x AA batteries.
  • Ultra lightweight, balanced design (only 1.3kgs) so you can enjoy detecting for longer periods.

Minelab Videos:
Please watch these videos as they give an good overall idea about the detector.

X-TERRA 705 Quick Start Image

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