Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Minelab Excalibur II 10″

Minelab Excalibur II ImgMinelab’s water detector, the Excalibur II, uses multi frequency to give better performance in salt water than most single frequency detectors. Powered by Broad Band Spectrum (BBS) technology it has amazing depth and accuracy. It is rated for diving and has a nice durable battery screw in battery mount.

The detectors produces similar sounds for various objects, but they can be told apart by the ‘trained ear’. There is a CD by Tony Diana a sample which can be listened to here:
Basic Ear Training for Excalibur
It is important to understand that the detector must be used for a while to get the ‘hang of’ the difference in sounds of the various targets you will encounter.


  • BBS 17 frequency technology (1.5kHz – 25.5kHz).
  • RCB amplifies weak target signals inside the coil, reducing noise and boosting faint, deep objects.
  • High Visibility (Hi-Vis) fluorescent bodywork.
  • Slimline coil (8” or 10” option) for reduced weight and improved balance.
  • NiMH Rechargeable battery pack for operation up to 12 hours.
  • Hi-Vis Skid plate.
  • Side-mount shaft for shallow and surf-wading (available as an optional accessory).

Excalibur II Depth image

BBS technology using 17 frequencies punches through the ground for deeper detection.

What follows is a youtube video just again to make the point that if you can’t tell the difference between the sounds of different materials it is ‘a training issue’ and not the detector. This video was found on youtube and shows the sounds of various materials.

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