Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Minelab Eureka Gold

Minelab Eureka Gold ImgMinelab’s Eureka Gold is a VLF machine which is in the same class as the Fisher Gold Bug 2. The detector is designed for ease of use and to be able to detect small nuggets (sub gram) in highly mineralized soil.

Minelab Eureka Gold Control BoxThe detector can operate at either 5.4 kHz, 20 kHz or 60 kHz. Various targets have a different pitch variation for easy identification of target.


  • VLF technology gives you an easy ‘switch on and go’ detector featuring Minelab’s exclusive triple frequency technology – simply switch between frequencies of 6.4, 20 and 60kHz to target different depths.
  • “ACCU-TRAK” digital ground balance with two speed options for increased depth.
  • Iron rejection in each frequency.
  • Variable ferrous discrimination control gives you the ultimate in iron rejection.
  • Minelab’s 10” Double D ‘easysweep’ elliptical coil system for wider ground coverage.
  • State of the art NiMH rechargeable battery system.
  • Extra comfort with an ergonomic balanced shaft system.

This is a great video done by Minelab that explains everything about the detector.

This video (not taken by us) shows an interesting comparison between a very small sub gram nugget being detected on the GPX5000 and the Eureka Gold. This demonstrates that the Eureka gold is very good with small nuggets.

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