Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Fisher Gold Bug-2

image of Gold Bug 2The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is the detector of choice for gold prospectors in Thailand. It is a machine specifically designed for finding gold nuggets. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultra-high frequency, iron discrimination, audio boost and the ability to operate in highly mineralized soil with a 3 position mineralization switch.

It comes standard with either a 6.5 or 10 inch elliptical search coil.

image of Gold Bug 2 face plate
In field tests, the detector can find very small nuggets under various conditions. The smaller search coil is especially good and locating specks so small that they would be overlooked by other detectors, while the larger coil can locate deeper targets. The audio boost mode comes in handy, since when a faint signal is received it can be switched on to verify the target before digging.

Here is the actual fisher manual explaining how to set up and use the detector.

A neat video showing the Gold Bug 2 in action in Thailand and its ability to detect super small specks of gold.

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