Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Fisher F75

image of Fisher F75The F75 metal detector is brand new and was built from the ground up using the latest and best technologies. In multiple reviews it outdoes other metal detectors within its class. This detector can be used for beach hunting, relic hunting and also gold prospecting. It is the machine of choice for serious metal detectorists because it goes deeper than the competition, which allows you to recover targets over ground that has already been searched. It is also highly versatile, which means it can be used as multiple detectors, no longer do you need a specialty gold detector, relic or beach – this one detector does it all!

image of F75 control panelProduct Features

  • Light weight and well balanced
  • Large and durable LCD screen
  • Visual Indicators for target identification, target confidence, target depth and ground mineralization
  • Multiple search modes such as discrimination, all-metal and motion all-metal
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • Water proof 11-inch open frame search coil
  • Multiple sound pitches depending on target
  • Display backligh for nigh and low-light conditions
  • Notch and discrimination controls

A instructional video showing the F-75 in action.

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