Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Fisher F5

Fisher F5 imgThe Fisher F5 is a member of the newly designed from the ground up ‘F’ series of detectors. These detectors have won numerous awards and are state of the art. Other detectors within the same price range do not have the same number of features.

The F5 is easy to set up and easy to use in the field. This model has target identification, which means that a numeric value is assigned to the target which is its classification. You can therefore determine the characteristics of the material before you dig.

image of F5 control panelThen there is target depth, which indicates the depth of the target. This operates in ‘all metal’ or ‘discrimination’ mode. The F5 operates in all types of soil and has an automatic ground balance feature. Automatic ground balancing is the ability to determine the characteristics of the soil and cancel out those effects automatically. This allows for greater flexibility and allows for efficient hunting in areas with rapidly changing ground characteristics.

This is a full fledged professional detector still in the budget price category!

Some information about using the F5 at the beach. Ever wonder how the F5 would function as a beach machine. Here is some information about how the F5 actually fares at the beach in wet sand.

This is a good video showing the depth of the F5 working in mineralized soil. In mineralized soil the depth would be less than in mild soil, so this shows with a few coins how it has very good depth. Just a note; we did not make this video and don’t recommend using a large shovel in a grassy area, normally a good trowel is good enough, small hold and not messy.

Here is a good Bill lad video on the use and functions of the F5. This illustrates the various functions built into this detector.

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