Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Fisher CZ-21

Fisher CZ-21 ImageThe CZ-21 is the premier underwater metal detector used by serious metal detectorists in Thailand. It has serious depth, and detects objects deeper than most other metal detectors will. For example, a silver ring can be detected at about 18 inches deep in wet sand. It is water proof to 60 meters and thus can be used by divers.

The control panel faceplate has been simplified as of late. Previous version of the CZ-20 and early versions of the CZ-21 had red led indicator lights which have been removed. The panel has a discrimination dial, volume, sensitivity and ground balance. In addition there is a new improved touch activated pinpoint button. The detector has been redesigned to further improve durability. image of CZ-21 control panel

This is also the machine chosen by the police department of Thailand for crime scene evidence collection due to the fact of ease of use, go anywhere capabilities and the ability to discriminate out unwanted trash.

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