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More Excal Beach Finds

Tony Beach FindsAnother update from the Excal II used on the local beach here in Pattaya and Jomtien.

Had a strange hunt last night at Jomtien. It started out as the same as usual, not a lot of targets, but then I got a signal that was strong and not quite such a small area, so almost didnt dig it. But since the targets were few and far between, I decided to go for it. Came up with a couple 50 satang, but the signal was still there. So after more than an hour of digging in that hole, I came up with 43 coins, 50 and 25 satang coins! I had a hole about 40cm deep and a square meter. The water was chest deep when I started, and the tide was coming in, so I think I left one coin, but just got tired of digging. At first, I thought there might be something more valuable, but there wasnt, a bit disappointing, but had fun, trying to retrieve everything. Also found a piece of plastic, looks like the wrappers that coins are wrapped in, so maybe this was an offering for Loi Kratong? The other stuff in the photo, was not in the same hole. Never seen anyone put the satang coins in a float, but maybe that is all they had, I doubt anyone would carry a couple rolls of coins, while out swimming. I have the spot marked, so I can try to retrieve the last coin, but there was also something else there, not metal, but couldnt get it up, and didnt want to damage my light.

If Maew is in need of a nice watch, I can sell you this one very cheap! hahaha.

HMMMM. I think about the watch. I can always tell her it is a real antique.

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