Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Gold at Jomtien!

md findHere is a nice looking find from a local.

Todays find at Jomtien. It looks better than it actually is. I thought the chain was gold and silver, but it might be SS with some gold plating. The amulet is brass, but the bezel seems to be gold. I just polished it up a bit, but still have to test it. It looks like its a one off, since there is no stamp. My gold testing acid is hiding from me, so will have to wait till I find it. Im sure its good Thai gold, but if its just plating, I dont know.

The water is really rough out there now, and should go to maybe Rayong, of course I dont know what the conditions there are either. Hard to detect in the water, but even harder to recover something. The amulet was in the water, by the floats for the swimming area, almost gave up on it, thought it was trash, luckily I didnt break the chain.

Too many Thai’s out there now, so the beach is pretty clean. I have been up in the dry also, and now learning to just ignore all the junk signals, so have had only about a 50% junk rate, which is pretty good. No one knows how many good targets I have missed, but if every other target is a keeper, its pretty good.

gold find

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