Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Excal II Finds Paper Money

Excal Finds +Tired of metal detecting not paying off, here’s a twist/find paper money!

Hi, The battery seems to be charging, but the longest test was just 4 hrs, (water too cold!) Ive hunted the Jomtien area pretty good, but of course can always find new stuff, or stuff I have missed. Last night was pretty good, but didnt spend much time in the deeper water, just along the water line, picking up money! Not a bad night, and found 100 baht a couple nights ago, and a Thai hunter found at least 1000 baht last night too. Next time, I might even leave the Excal at home! hahahah. I had to pick up the 1000 baht almost from under someones foot, but I am not so shy now. The other night, I was thinking too long, and wondering if it was real or not, so I think I lost a couple other bills, before I grabbed the 100.

A good way to celebrate the kings birthday, with 4 portraits!

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