Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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GPX-5000 Thailand Gold Hunting

Gold Hunting Thailand with GPX-5000 imgGold hunting in Thailand with the GPX-5000 and some recommended settings for how they use it here. Fine gold, tracking, deep. No gold found on this day but interesting none the less. The guy showing the settings has found a lot of gold here and seems to be the resident expert with the GPX-4500 and the GPX-5000.

This day no gold was found but we were only at it for a couple of hours.

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  1. We are planning some upcoming prospecting trips using both the GPX-5000 and also some VLF machines.

  2. What part of Thailand were you hunting? I was just there for a month without my detector but wondered where it would be good to look. I was in Chiang Mai and in the easter part near Surin and in the south also.

  3. Eastern Thailand near the Cambodian border.

  4. Hi, I visit Thailand regularly and am interested in gold prospecting, are you planning any prospecting trips in 2013?

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