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X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack Metal Detector | Minelab Videos

XTERRA 705 Gold Pack ImageThe XTERRA is simply the best dual purpose metal detector we have seen. We used to like White’s MXT, but the XTERRA 705 blows it socks off. We have tried and carry the Goldpack version. Why not? The Goldback comes with the 18.75 kHz (kilohertz) DD coil, which is especially good at finding small gold. I first tried the detector with a very small flec of gold, the type the Goldbug 2 would detect but very few other detectors would. The XTERRA 705 sounded off loud and clear and to about 3 – 4 cm.

What about the ‘dual’ in dual purpose hunting, ie, coin shooting, beach hunting or general relics. We only really recommend dummy proof drop in the water type detectors for the beach so we haven’t tried it there yet. But for relics and general purpose it has good depth and a lot of features which come in very handy. Will film a field test in the future. (comment us if you don’t see one!)

This the link to the
X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack Metal Detector | Minelab Videos on the minelab site. It is nice and shows the machine used in prospecting mode.

Great video manual that shows each and every feature of the detector. Very good, the one shown in the prospecting portion of the video has the prospecting coil 18.75 DD Elliptical (gold pack) also.

NOTE: Please watch the above two videos if you have an interest in the X-TERRA 705. They will answer most of your questions about this excellent detector. This is one of our favorites because when you try something new (ie. gold prospecting) you don’t need to buy a new detector, this one grows with you!

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