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Gold Bug Digital and Hot Rocks

Gold Bug Digital over Hot Rock imageThis video demonstrates how to overcome mineralized rocks when using the Gold Bug Digital (or Gold Bug SE). Typically when using a auto-tracking machine the user will pump the target to help determine if it is a good target or if the signal is the result of a hot rock. Even though the Gold Bug Digital is not an auto tracking machine, all that needs to be done to balance is to press the Ground Grab button while pumping up and down. This is actually a nice feature as it allows the machine to track to the last balance point and the current ground is always displayed. That way when the current ground deviates from the last balance point, the user can simply do a new ground grab.

Once a change is threshold is detected the user can simply ‘GG’ the possible target to see if it balances out. If it does, it is more than likely a hot rock.

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