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Fisher F5 as a Beach Detector

The F5 doesn’t have any beach or wet sand mode, so how does it do as a beach machine? The answer is OK for occasional use (in other words don’t drop it). Here is one example of using the F5 on the beach in wet sand.

One this outing the detector was in use for an hour or so on wet sand. One thing which is better (from previous versions) is the the detector can now ‘ground balance’ (ie. phase lock), even though there is scant mineralization in the sand so normally it goes right to zero. In previous versions one would have to manually ground balance if there was not enough mineralization to pick up in the F series detectors. While not that big a think, it is never the less an improvement.

It should be pointed out that pin point (along with depth reading) only works in wet sand ‘sometimes’, other times it is always ‘noise’. Also there seems to be some degree of chatter related to the minerals in the wet sand.

The thing to compare the F5 against would be not another F series detector, since none of them have a ‘wet sand or beach mode’. Therefore they are not apt to be really good on the beach (but yet are usable). The comparison should be made vs a machine with a beach mode such as the Minelab XTERRA 705…. which will be done at some point.

Obviously the question will come up, what about the F5 compared to the CZ-21? Well the CZ-21 is a dedicated beach machine so the tonals are bound to be cleaner, with less chatter, but there is no digital display. Some of us have come to rely on the digital display, especially in areas which are prone to trash.

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