Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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White’s Goldmaster GMT Video Manual in Thai Language

image of GMT instruction video frameOn the Thai Language side of the site we have released a new video instruction manual for the Goldmaster GMT in Thai language. The video consists of a quick field test + a bench demonstration. The field test was done where gold is actually being detected.

One of the benefits of the GMT in and around the area of the test is that not only is the soil highly mineralized, but there are soil is also loaded with hot rocks. A conventional gold detector will have problems due to the rapidly changing ground. This is where the GMT really shines, the auto ground balance easily cancels out the effects of hot rocks as they are found. Just a quick up and down bounce over the rock and it is silenced, meaning that the search for gold can continue without fumbling with any further ground balancing nonsense.

The following is the new on-line video manual for the Goldmaster GMT in Thai language. Enjoy!
White’s Goldmaster GMT Video User Manual in Thai Language

Just as an update, we no longer explicitly carry white’s detectors and prefer Minelab and Fisher products. We are leaving this video and article as information. This unit is in the same class as either the Fisher Gold Bug 2 or the Minelab Eureka Gold.

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