Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
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Small Hydraulic Sluicing Operations in Thailand

Small Hydraulic Mine and Sluice boxWe happened upon a couple of small hydraulic sluicing operations last time we were up in the gold area of Thailand and took a video while walking through each one. The first has about 10 workers while the second is a small family operation located on a very small piece of land. More and more of these are sprouting up as 1.) the gold is located deeper in the ground and 2.) wide open spaces to walk over with a metal detector are becoming more limited.

There is a pump that pumps water from a nearby pond and then a pressure pump so that the dirt can be sprayed under high pressure. The formation of the dirt cliffs is man made using a digger at the beginning. Then the sludge is pumped up through a PVC pipe to a sluice box above. The PVC pipe has sediment traps on its underside to catch the heavier bits of gold. What is missed is caught up in the sluice box, hopefully.

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