Metal Detectors and Detecting in Thailand
Suggestion: Buy only from Authorized Dealers    Think: Local Service/No Duty/No Shipping/No Money Transfer/No Hassle


  • Why is it important to buy from an authorized dealer?
    First off all, the ‘bogus’ dealers will probably want payment up front and then there is no guarantee. There are also counterfeits out there as noted Minelab Counterfeit WARNING! page
  • How do I know you are really real distributors?
    Look at the manufacturer’s web sites here: Minelab Dealer for Thailand and Fisher Dealers in Asia
  • Why are the detectors cheaper on the internet in America?
    The detectors will be lower priced in the country of manufacture, which is America for Fisher and Australia for Minelab. Minelabs are also assembled in the USA so the prices are lower there also. Prior to detectors entering Thailand, duty of approximately 20% must be paid (VAT = 7 %, DUTY = 10%, Misc = 3%) and on top of that shipping and insurance.
  • Are there problems with detector clearance through customs?
    Yes, there may be. We know of cases where metal detectors were seized and then returned to the sender. However, the mass internet retailer never received the detectors back (so they said), so the customer lost all of his money.
  • Are there other reasons to buy local?
    When the detectors arrive here we will test them and make sure that they are up to specs prior to you receiving your detector. Once you come to get the detector we will train you on it. If you should ever have a service question we will help you.
  • What about the warranty?
    The warranty varies by product. You can check on the manufactures web site. If the product needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, you are responsible for return shipping. We ship EMS and the fee is normally about 2500 baht. If the detector fails within the first week we cover the shipping. For Fisher detectors if they fail within the first three months we check the detector, document the problem and return it to fisher. After three months until the end of the warranty we will request a return number but you need to return the detector to Fisher yourself. For Minelab detectors we handle the process during the entire warranty period.
  • Do you have a shop?
    No since we are normally out in the field, either detecting or doing other things we don’t maintain a shop where we would be stuck sitting around all day. If you want to get a detector you simply make an appointment and then we will meet you and take you to our office/testing area.
  • Where are you located?
    We are in Pattaya.
  • Can I get a detector that is not on your list?
    We try to stock the detectors we like for Thailand that should meet all possible needs. However if you need something special you can talk to us about that. Keep in mind that we don’t order just one detector at a time, so it may require some time.

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